Unlock the Power of a Plan

Wightman Planning

You have to know where you want to go in order to get there. Then, you need a plan to make it happen. As simple as that sounds, a solid plan requires exploration, insight, knowledge, communication, and a lot of listening. Wightman planners excel at this. We can help you promote growth, wisely manage resources, and create places where people thrive.

It starts with visioning. Whether your goal is placemaking, downtown development, municipal planning, feasibility studies, educational planning, or facility asset management, we ask the right questions to clarify your needs and objectives. We include your constituents – community members, employees, students and parents, and decision makers – to hear their ideas, bridge differing opinions, and create support. The result is your roadmap to fiscally responsible, human-focused solutions.

Your new master plan, parks and recreation plan, or capital improvement plan can be a tool for seeking grants, bond proposals, and private investment. Our planning experts can also assist you in pursuing these funding streams.

Our Planning specialties

Master Plans
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Wightman Planning Master Plans
Master plans typically include visioning based on the principals of Design Thinking, asset management establishes facility needs now and into the future, demographics services include data, trend analysis and projections, and development and evaluation of solution options.
Economic Development
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Wightman planning economic development
Planning, establishment and management of downtown development authorities, corridor improvement associations, and brownfield redevelopment authorities, often supported by the establishment of a Tax Increment Finance district.
Feasibility Studies
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Wightman planning feasibility studies
Determination of project viability, whether it is for housing, commercial development, municipal infrastructure, education, or a specific project feasibility study. Work in this area also includes physical facility assessments, and creation of capital improvement and maintenance plans.
Data Compilation & Analysis
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Wightman planning data compilation & analysis
Demographic information and projections for population, housing, employment, and other socio-economic indicators; can include existing land use inventory, current and future land use, existing municipal boundary information, and proposed annexation areas.
Community Engagement
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Wightman planning community engagement
Development of a participation strategy, communication of needs, problems, and solutions, capturing public input; conducting workshops for the development of mission statement, goals, objectives, and policies implementation strategies.
Bond Issue Assistance
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Wightman planning bond issue assistance
Assisting municipalities and schools with issue definition, campaign support, voter research, fundraising and budgeting, campaign theme and messaging, targeting probable positive voters, get out the vote plan, and election day activities.
Contractual Services
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Wightman planning contractual services
Includes zoning ordinance enforcement, building permitting and plan review, grant identification, application and management, physical assessments, development plans and assistance, zoning ordinance preparation, and form-based zoning.
Urban Design & Master Planning
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Wightman planning urban design & master planning
Active in urban design & master planning through affiliation with the Congress for New Urbanism. We care about how people work, live, and thrive. We are passionate about creating walkable communities with diverse housing options and work environments, creating integrated neighborhoods and developing land use strategies.
Educational Facility Planning
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Wightman educational facility planning
As certified & accredited learning educational planners, we provide visioning, community engagement, facility pre-design planning, design planning, facility design & assessments.
“Mr. Baxmeyer's ...understanding of what it takes to pass a bond and ability to help deliver a clear, concise, and consistent message were instrumental to our success.”
Paul Hartsig
Superintendent, Dowagiac Union Schools