Connecting People and the Outdoors – Naturally

Wightman Landscape Architecture

Think about where you enjoy time outdoors. Strolling down a tree-lined downtown sidewalk with a steaming cup of coffee in hand. Channeling your inner weekend warrior as you hike and bike that nearby trail. Watching your kids play soccer at the new athletic field over by the school. These places – the ones that lie between the buildings that architects plan and the roads that engineers design – are what Wightman’s landscape architects are passionate about.

Our holistic approach to sustainable landscape design honors the bond between people and nature. Working with municipalities, we specialize in streetscapes, park & recreation planning & design, trail master planning, playgrounds, and sports complexes. Partnering with businesses and schools, we apply nature-based design research to improve the health and productivity of employees and students. We work with all types of organizations to protect our environment with green stormwater management systems and the use of native plants.

And those architects and engineers here at Wightman? We collaborate with them to plan and design natural infrastructure that prevents erosion, encourages groundwater recharge, and provides natural energy-savings for the projects on which they are working.

Our Landscape Architecture specialties

Parks & Recreation
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Wightman parks & recreation
Includes the development of recreation plans used in DNR grant applications, park design, trail system master planning and development, trail design, grant applications, playgrounds, natural playscapes & splash pads, water features, outdoor sports & athletic facilities, and more.
Streetscape Design
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Wightman streetscape design
Includes planning and design of streetscapes and downtown beautification through the use of hardscapes and softscapes.
Green Infrastructure
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Wightman green infrastructure
Includes the design and planning of rain gardens, water harvesting, and green roofs through implementation of stormwater best management practices.
Landscape Plans
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Wightman landscape plans
Design of landscape plans for commercial and municipal development including zoning/landscape ordinance compliant plantings.
Site Analysis
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Wightman site analysis
Site layout such as siting the building and other programming on the site based on topography, water, wind and sun exposure, circulation, and more.
Historical Preservation Plans
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Wightman historical preservation plans
Includes landscapes, courtyards, hardscapes, viewsheds, and more.
Specialty Areas
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Wightman landscape architecture specialty areas
Include native plantings design plans, green cemetery design, memorial design, and corporate campuses.