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The industrial legacy of the Great Lakes region has left many environmental secrets lying beneath the surface of the land. Aging structures were built with materials once considered safe, like asbestos and lead, that are now known hazards to human health and safety. These and other contamination sources can leave you with questions about your next steps as you prepare to purchase or develop real estate, seek to improve the safety of your land and buildings, or come into compliance with State and Federal regulation.

Wightman environmental services experts deliver proactive compliance solutions for developers, financial institutions, utilities, municipalities, companies, and private individuals through a range of testing, safety audits, remediation, and consulting services.

We are experienced at measuring and developing corrective plans for environmental damage. Services include Phase I and II environmental site assessments, brownfield redevelopment, geotechnical investigations, and testing and remediation planning for soil contamination, groundwater mold, underground storage tanks, and asbestos.

Our Environmental specialties

Site Assessments
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Wightman environmental site assessments
Includes property assessments per the ASTM standards, Phase I/II site assessments, screenings, database searches, due care plans, mold/lead/asbestos inspections, indoor air quality evaluations, site closure, soil and groundwater investigations, baseline environmental assessments, remediation, wetlands identification and management, universal waste reporting and management.
Site Closures
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Wightman environmental site closures
Includes due care plans, assessment of appropriate closure standards, controls, deed restrictions and corrective actions.
Groundwater & Soil Investigations
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Wightman environmental groundwater & soil investigations
Includes identification of groundwater and soils contamination, groundwater modeling, evaluation and implementation of remediation alternatives, feasibility studies, monitoring system installation management and implementation.
Natural Resources
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Wightman environmental natural resources
Includes environmental assessments for clearance, environmental impact statements, floodplain analysis, historic surveys, resource restoration, ROW assessment and clearance, threatened and endangered species surveys (vegetation and wildlife —aquatic and terrestrial), wetland assessments, wetland mitigation and permitting, habitat management plans, risk assessments, invasive species surveys, biosecurity mitigation and management, water quality assessments and hazard mitigation planning.
Underground Storage Tanks
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Wightman environmental underground storage tanks
Includes evaluations and investigations, compliance, tank removal and recycling, remediation system management, UST and LUST closures.
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Includes studies and permitting required for impacts to air quality, floodplains, wildlife, discharge, water quality and wetlands.
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Wightman environmental compliance
Includes compliance assessments, annual reporting, permit and plan assistance, ISO 14001:2015 program gap analysis, design and implementation, training, spill, emergency response and operations plans, noise assessments, water monitoring, SESC permits, waste management unit closures, universal waste reporting, feasibility studies, risk assessments, site audits, assessments and remediation.
Site Remediation & Impact Investigations
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Wightman environmental site remediation & impact investigations
Includes the design of remediation systems, regulatory consultation and negotiation, risk assessments, groundwater modeling, remediation and reclamation management.
Brownfield Redevelopment
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Wightman environmental Brownfield Redevelopment
Includes grant writing and administration, assistance with project incentives, assistance with project planning and implementation, assistance with navigating governmental processes and procedures.